Emiko Kudahara (AMY)
Hello. I 'm good at guiding all ages including young children. I 'll be happy to help you have unforgetable and happy trip in Japan. I'm specialized in guiding guests from local people's point of view.
ExperienceWorking as a part time English teacher in a small children's English room
LicenseEnglish Step Test 1st Grade
Government Licensed Tour Guide(English)
Licensed Tour Conductor(Domestic)
HobbyExploring Tokyo and neighboring towns, Taking pictures, experiencing Japanese culture

The Doll's Festival exhibition in a hotel 2013-03-03
Do you know when and what the Doll's Festival is?
It is held on March 3rd. Families who have girls celebrate the day to pray for girls' growth and happiness. So some people also call the day Girls' Festival. Many homes with girls display dolls representing the Emperor, the Empress and their servants. They are very beautiful.

I had a chance to see many old and wonderful sets of dolls for the Doll's Festival in Meguro Gajoyen Hotel. Many old and beautiful sets of dolls owned by famous families or old merchants' houses were displayed in the exhibition. I was overpowered by so many dolls.

I sometimes visit exhibitions held in this hotel. During the exhibitions we are allowed to enter the old part of Gajoen building.
I also enjoyed to see old rooms with magnificent paintings ,decorations and the so called 100 steps of the old Gajoen building which is designated as one of tangible properties of Tokyo.
Kishimen 2012-10-27
Have you ever tried Kishimen?
Kishimen is flat noodles made from flour and very famous local food in Nagoya.
There is a famous Kishimen shop at Nagoya station. I got this information just before I visit Nagoya.
My friend’s husband gets off Shinkansen at Nagoya station and drop by the shop to eat Kishimen when he comes back to Tokyo from Kyoto.

It wasn’t difficult to find out the shop. It was a very narrow shop and people were eating
Kishimen while standing. There was no seat! I The shop was packed with people and I had to wait to get in
the place but it’s a kind of fast-food stand so I found the space to eat soon. The kishimen I ate was delicious!
I definitely want to stop by the shop when I visit Nagoya again.
Narita airport 2012-10-26
This month I had many chances to visit Narita airport.
How do you spend time while waiting for your planes ?
My favorite place in the airport is the observation deck.
It is said that roughly 500 airplanes use Narita airport every day.
Some people never get tired of watching jets taking off and landing and I’m one of them.
I like going up to the observation deck and enjoy taking pictures of jets .

If you have enough time and also interested in taking pictures of them , how about
visiting some parks near the airport? There are some parks where you can watch jets closer.

NAA Art Gallery in Terminal 1 is also my favorite place.
It doesn’t open all day and sometimes closes. When I visited, a photo exhibition was held.
All of their works were breathtaking. The photos of Golden Pavilion with snow in Kyoto,
Mt Fuji, Firework display in Summer, a bamboo garden, festivals etc.
If you have time, why don’t you visit the Gallery?
Art exhibitions have changed but you might find and see something interesting.
A neko café 2012-10-04
Today I visited a neko café , or a cat café that my friend runs in Nishiarai.
A cat café is a place where you can mingle with cats while drinking a cup of tea. There are many people who love pets but many apartments and flats in Japan forbid keeping pets. So people who can't keep them in their house sometimes enjoy visiting cat cafés. It is said the first cat café started in Taiwan but now it's famous in Japan.

I love cats but I'm also not allowed to keep any pets in my flat so I was looking forward to visit there. Last time I had a very relaxing time with two adult cats.

This time I could meet two lovely kittens, Ku-chan and Shima. They are so cute!
Ku-chan is very friendly and we could become friends soon.
Shima is too shy to greet me but she is also very pretty. It was very hard to take pictures of them because they are too busy to play with.

Shima and Ku-chan, will you give me a chance to take nice pictures of you next time?

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