The Doll's Festival exhibition in a hotel
2013-03-03 AMY  
Do you know when and what the Doll's Festival is?
It is held on March 3rd. Families who have girls celebrate the day to pray for girls' growth and happiness. So some people also call the day Girls' Festival. Many homes with girls display dolls representing the Emperor, the Empress and their servants. They are very beautiful.

I had a chance to see many old and wonderful sets of dolls for the Doll's Festival in Meguro Gajoyen Hotel. Many old and beautiful sets of dolls owned by famous families or old merchants' houses were displayed in the exhibition. I was overpowered by so many dolls.

I sometimes visit exhibitions held in this hotel. During the exhibitions we are allowed to enter the old part of Gajoen building.
I also enjoyed to see old rooms with magnificent paintings ,decorations and the so called 100 steps of the old Gajoen building which is designated as one of tangible properties of Tokyo.

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