2012-10-27 AMY  
Have you ever tried Kishimen?
Kishimen is flat noodles made from flour and very famous local food in Nagoya.
There is a famous Kishimen shop at Nagoya station. I got this information just before I visit Nagoya.
My friend’s husband gets off Shinkansen at Nagoya station and drop by the shop to eat Kishimen when he comes back to Tokyo from Kyoto.

It wasn’t difficult to find out the shop. It was a very narrow shop and people were eating
Kishimen while standing. There was no seat! I The shop was packed with people and I had to wait to get in
the place but it’s a kind of fast-food stand so I found the space to eat soon. The kishimen I ate was delicious!
I definitely want to stop by the shop when I visit Nagoya again.

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