Narita airport
2012-10-26 AMY  
This month I had many chances to visit Narita airport.
How do you spend time while waiting for your planes ?
My favorite place in the airport is the observation deck.
It is said that roughly 500 airplanes use Narita airport every day.
Some people never get tired of watching jets taking off and landing and I’m one of them.
I like going up to the observation deck and enjoy taking pictures of jets .

If you have enough time and also interested in taking pictures of them , how about
visiting some parks near the airport? There are some parks where you can watch jets closer.

NAA Art Gallery in Terminal 1 is also my favorite place.
It doesn’t open all day and sometimes closes. When I visited, a photo exhibition was held.
All of their works were breathtaking. The photos of Golden Pavilion with snow in Kyoto,
Mt Fuji, Firework display in Summer, a bamboo garden, festivals etc.
If you have time, why don’t you visit the Gallery?
Art exhibitions have changed but you might find and see something interesting.

2013-10-15  john

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