A neko café
2012-10-04 AMY  
Today I visited a neko café , or a cat café that my friend runs in Nishiarai.
A cat café is a place where you can mingle with cats while drinking a cup of tea. There are many people who love pets but many apartments and flats in Japan forbid keeping pets. So people who can't keep them in their house sometimes enjoy visiting cat cafés. It is said the first cat café started in Taiwan but now it's famous in Japan.

I love cats but I'm also not allowed to keep any pets in my flat so I was looking forward to visit there. Last time I had a very relaxing time with two adult cats.

This time I could meet two lovely kittens, Ku-chan and Shima. They are so cute!
Ku-chan is very friendly and we could become friends soon.
Shima is too shy to greet me but she is also very pretty. It was very hard to take pictures of them because they are too busy to play with.

Shima and Ku-chan, will you give me a chance to take nice pictures of you next time?

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