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The cherry blossom season 2017-04-10
In this time every year, we can see cherry blossoms have bloomed around Japan. There are many Sakura cherry blossoms tree from a single tree to forests in towns, parks, temples, and so on in Japan. When seeing Sakura flower, Some Japanese realize that the tree is Sakura. Before or after that, they may not identify what the tree is.

The flower season is short. You can see the full blooms only a few days. Temperature in this season fluctuates, and then we don't know the certain date when the flowers come.
Then, Japanese people have been watching the flowers from starting flower and to the petals falling. The weather forecasts show us the Sakura front lines which connect cities starting flower at same date. It predicts when we can see Sakura flower in our city. They also tell us the condition of Sakura, which tells us that how percent flowers bloomed, 'San-Bu zaki' means 30% flowers bloomed, 'Go-Bu zaki' means 50%, and 'Mankai' is full bloom.

Sakura is famous among not only Japanese but also tourists from all over the world. Some of them who are lucky can see full bloom while some other of them only see half of bloom. If you were disappointed your tour, please try again next time or see below pictures.

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