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Hidden Asakusa & Kappabashi Walking Tour and Replica Food Making(Real Tour)

Experience of traditional and authentic-tools towns, making replica food, Join us!

This tour is hybrid tour, real tour and online tour. This application page is for the real-tour guests. You need come to Asakusa Cultural Tourist Information Centre, Tokyo Japan before the event.
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12:45 Meet with your tour guides at Asakusa Cultural Centre
13:00 Excursion in Asakusa with comprehensive explanations of history, religions, and customs. including the places which are not even introduced in regular tours. Enjoy walking Rokku(6th district of Asakusa) to Kappabashi, Tokyo’s kitchenware Capital and famous for Replica Food. Your cooking lover tour guides will show you Japanese kitchenware and tableware, helping you to find the one you want!
15:45 Let’s have fun making Replica Food (Lettuce and Tempura, subject to change) with English guidance by your tour guides. 17:00 ~End of the Tour~Take your masterpiece with you!
Language English
Type normal tour
Details Brochure
Accepting Sep 07 12:00 2022 JST
Application deadline Sep 29 12:00 2022 JST
Event date Sep 30 13:00 2022 JST
Event fee 6,800JPY
Payment PayPal

This event's application was closed